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The Live Today Better Membership Program

It’s easy to get caught up in the whirlwind of life – all our problems, pursuing our ambitions, personal goals and the general busyness of the day. We do the best we can to keep up, but then we look up one day and realize that we’re just busy being busy.

The Live Today Better Program helps you break free from the human hamster wheel so you can live a stress free life and also accomplish all your personal and professional goals. 

It’s based on the approach of moving through each day as your Extraordinary Side, or Higher Self. The most successful business leaders, artists and athletes describe it as Being in the Zone or Finding your muse. Spiritual teachers, philosophers and the wisest leaders of our time refer to it as Being Present or Living in the Moment. 

The Live Today Better Program shows you how to Live It and move through each day in a different way. This is the way you create and live the rich, fulfilled and successful life you’ve always wanted.

Here’s how the program works:

* We Have Live Video Sessions. You’ll join me every other week online in video group sessions to stay inspired and on track (they’ll be recorded in case you can’t make it).

* You’ll learn how to follow the ideal path to succeed. I’ll walk you through the 7 steps you need to take in order to accomplish more and more of your personal and professional goals while also feeling at your best every day.

* No more spinning your wheels. I’ll personally be available to answer your specific questions and guide you in places where you feel stuck or want to make quicker progress.

* What’s Inside? After you sign up, you’ll get instant access to a private members only website with additional support resources – including special videos for each step, the recorded sessions, one minute inspiration tips and other tools you’ll need.

* It’s easy to join. There’s a 7 day free trial so you can check it out with no obligation. After that membership is only $19.99 a month. You can stop at anytime. No cancellation fees. 

* It will make your life easier. Don’t worry, you won’t get bogged down in more stuff you don’t have time for. Instead, I’ll make sure you incorporate these steps into your daily routine so this isn’t one of those things you start, but don’t have time to finish.

No matter how happy you are today, you know there are even more possibilities for you. The Live Today Better Program will help you reach every one.

I hope to see you inside!

– Sibyl

 Profile Picture 2015The Live Today Better Program was created by Sibyl Chavis, a Harvard trained attorney turned writer and the founder of the Possibility of Today. The Possibility of Today is a lifestyle multimedia company that produces content, tools and programs to help people Live Today Better than Yesterday.
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