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It was one of the hardest moments of my life.

Just two days before my wedding and my father-in-law suffered a fatal heart attack.

I can still see the look of shock and disbelief on my soon-to-be husband’s face as he received the news late that Thursday night.

Just moments before, we were going over the last minute details of our rehearsal dinner, and now all we could do was just stand there looking at each other – without words – stunned.

I felt as if a three-hundred-pound weight dropped on my chest. I felt broken.

How could this happen?

How could we go on with our wedding under these circumstances?

It was all incomprehensible. Nothing felt real.

There were a million thoughts and emotions running through my head, but all I could do was question why this happened.

How could my father-in-law be robbed of the joy of seeing his son get married?

How could it be fair that he would never meet his grandchildren and watch them grow?

How could this have happened “for a reason?”

I still don’t have the answer, but I can tell you this.

Somewhere in the midst of the pain, the grief and the overwhelm I realized I had to trust the moment.

Who was I to question this?

That was not my job.

My job was to rest in the powerful yet silent inner strength that I like to call my Extraordinary Side.

It’s the part of me that recognized that no matter how terrible I felt – no matter how often I felt pummeled by waves of grief – I could go on with my wedding just as my father-in-law would have wished.

I could experience moments of beauty in what could have been overwhelming darkness.

It was possible, and that is what I did.

That is the power of your Extraordinary Side, and yes, you have one too.

It’s that voice that tells you there is Something More for you in this life. It’s the voice that pushes you to question what you want out of life.

Your Extraordinary Side is that part of you that steps up to the plate and achieves the unexpected because, for a split second, you believed you could.

It’s the part of you that knows everything really is going to be okay, even when it seems like everything is totally falling apart.

You’ve felt it. We all have, and it is the secret to discovering what is truly possible for you.

But the best part of your Extraordinary Side is that it is the part of you that can set you free from the hamster wheel and whirlwind of life, so that you can live stress-free while also experiencing your most personal desires and professional goals.

Whether you have to push forward in a time of crisis, are trying to reach a goal or even live your life feeling fulfilled – being led by Extraordinary Side from moment to moment will get you there.

The problem is that living from your Extraordinary Side isn’t as easy as it sounds.

Otherwise, you’d have it all figured out. Your struggle to get what you want out of life, or simply shift a few things for the better, wouldn’t keep escaping you.

If you knew how to live from your Extraordinary Side, you’d be able to keep feelings of doubt, overwhelm, and fear in their proper place – out of your life.

You would be able to start taking steps toward things you want out of life with confidence and ease so that you make progress.

The most successful business leaders, artists and athletes describe it as Being in the Zone or Finding your muse. Spiritual teachers, philosophers and the wisest leaders of our time refer to it as Being Present or Living in the Moment.

In The Live Today Better Program, I’ll personally guide you along your own path to living from your Extraordinary side so that you move through each day in a different and BETTER way. This is how you can create and live the rich, fulfilled and successful life you’ve always wanted.

I’ll also provide you with the exact steps you need to follow to move up what is called your Possibility Spiral, so that you have a fail-proof system for creating the life you are meant (and deserve) to live.

You’ll also have access to specific tools, tips, and resources to help you stay on track so that you can make progress without getting overwhelmed with too much to do, remember or learn.

Plus, I’ll give you instant access to expert interviews and our members-only community, so that you can see how other people have moved up their own spirals successfully, while connecting with like-minded people who are working to achieve their own unique goals.

But my favorite part of this program is getting to connect with you one-on-one through live webinars, so that I can walk you through each step of your own Possibility Spiral.

During these webinars you’ll get the inspiration and insight you need to keep planning your next right steps, and you’ll always have a chance to ask me questions at the end so you’ll never have to face an obstacle along your spiral alone.

Understanding the way the Possibility Spiral works in your life has been an instant game changer for everyone in the program. So much becomes clearer. You understand the path forward, why you failed in the past, and specifically what you need to start doing differently today.

Do you know what you need to start doing differently?

Ultimately, my heart in all of this is to help you, I want to make it easy for you to figure out of joining the Live Today Better Program is right for you so I’m offering access to the entire program for 7 days totally free. No strings attached.

If you decide to stick around after your 7-day free trial expires, access for 6 months (Best Value) is $99.95 and includes access to special bonus courses (valued at $299), or join for $19.95 a month.

If you only get one thing out of reading this, get this: You already have everything you need to live the life you desire – you just need to learn how to leverage what you have the right way.

I’m honored to help you do just that.


The Live Today Better Membership Program

– We Have Live Video Sessions.

– You’ll learn how to follow the ideal path to succeed.

– No more spinning your wheels.

– Monthly coaching sessions.

– Accountability Check-Ins to keep you on track Instant access to a private members only website with additional resources.

– It’s easy to join – 7 day FREE trial.

– It will make your life easier.